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242 Main St. N. Exeter, ON
N0M 1S3
P) 519-238-1172
F) 519-238-1119

Coleson Freight is a family owned and operated company based in Southwestern OntarioColeson Freight Carriers Ltd. is an asset based leading transportation logistics solutions provider with demonstrated capability across all industry sectors, specializing in transporting fresh produce from coast to coast.

We specialize in reefer transport but can handle handle all modes of transportation including van, flatbed. The company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Grand Bend, Ontario Canada.

We provide timely service that exceeds our customer’s expectations. To assist in meeting this challenge, we have the state of the art tracking system that allows our customers to track the progress of their freight from time of pickup, until their freight is delivered. Our highly qualified transportation consultants have years of direct, hands on experience in the trucking and logistics industry. We can handle anything from last minute freight booking up to a complete outsourcing of logistics and the co-ordination of all your company’s transportation and trucking needs. We are always looking ahead making sure we have the services to meet our valued customer’s needs in this ever changing industry.

Our mission is to be trusted in the demanding and incredibly competitive market place. Customers continually count on Coleson Freight Carriers Ltd. for unmatched leadership in problem solving, guidance, diversity and abilities to execute our services at  unparalleled value. In order to do this we put emphasis on communication from both our customers and staff. As our customers, all of our employees are a vital part of our operation and are among the most dedicated you will find in the industry.  Thanks to them we are able to accomplish our goal of being your #1 transportation solution specialist.